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SwitchBot’s cheap universal remote can control your smart home, too

SwitchBot’s Universal Remote shown controlling several smart home devices.
The SwitchBot Universal Remote can control infrared, Bluetooth, and even Matter-compatible smart home devices. | Image: SwitchBot

SwitchBot’s new screen-equipped universal remote can take control of more than just your home entertainment center. With support for Bluetooth and Matter, the remote should also operate smart home devices without users having to reach for their smartphones.

For those who struggle to keep tabs on the myriad remotes now included with everything from ceiling fans to light bulbs, the SwitchBot Universal Remote currently supports “up to 83,934 remote control models” over infrared, with a code library that gets updated every six months.

The remote is also compatible with SwitchBot’s other smart home devices, including its robovacs and curtain controllers and Bluetooth-controlled devices, which is what many standalone smart light bulbs opt for….

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