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Some people with legacy Google Workspace accounts are getting extra storage for free

Image of the Google “G” logo on a blue, black, and purple background.
Who doesn’t love free? | Illustration: The Verge

Giving people something for free and then slowly pushing them toward a paid subscription is a tech tale as old as time. But a group of people with decade-old G Suite (now Google Workspace) accounts have managed a rare victory: keeping their free accounts for, well, free. And because of a recent change, some are even getting extra storage at no cost — but it’s unclear what will happen next.

When Google rebranded G Suite as Workspace in 2020, it initially said that all users would need to migrate to new subscription plans with pooled rather than individual storage allotments. But folks who had been holding on to legacy free accounts for about a decade objected, so Google backtracked and let people keep their accounts free of charge — but…

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